→ Flipping Bangkok

Flipping Bangkok is a photographic flipbook that celebrates the lesser known historic icon of Bangkok, the cream, red and green livery metropolitan buses, that have been in service for almost 30 years. Bangkok city landscape may have changed over the years, but these buses are still ruling the city, and hopefully will be on the streets of Bangkok for many years to come.

Size: 50mm x 90mm
Printer: Papery Print, Bangkok

Published in 2018
Bangkok, Thailand

→ Singapore Art Book Fair, 2018
→ Bangkok Art Book Fair, 2018
→ Taipei Art Book Fair, 2018
→ Seoul Art Book Fair, 2018
→ Melbourne Art Book Fair, 2019
→ Shanghai Art Book Fair, 2019
→ Singapore Art Book Fair, 2019
→ Tokyo Art Book Fair, 2019