→ Tangling Bangkok

How can a city of life in the land of smiles get so tangled up with unnecessary amount of unused wires. Perhaps just because. These tangling wires have become an everyday object that the city residents accept it as it is. For someone, like myself, who had been away from Bangkok for so many years to come back and rediscover my own city, it is not difficult to notice yet another scene of a corrupted city on a verge of expectations.

Inspired by Bangkok's infamous tangling wires, the design of this photographic zine is strategically developed to reflect on an ugly truth of how these wires are seen scattered endlessly anywhere in the city. The positioning of photographs laid out on each page is to also replicate a notion of looking up above and below to find these tangling wires on the streets of Bangkok.

This zine is also printed on a newsprint paper stock, using an ink-jet printer, to convey a sense of disappearance. Inks from an ink-jet printer will eventually fade out, much like these tangling wires have started to disappear as they are being taken underground.


Size: A5 148mm x 210mm

Paper: Newsprint

Binding: Tangling Yarn
Published in 2018
Bangkok, Thailand