→ Day Mundane

In Day Mundane, Thai photographer Wuthipol Ujathammarat created a series of semi-abstract photographs from his journeys through Singapore in a work that curiously inspired by urban mundane. It documents an untypical and yet quite familiar aesthetic of the metropolis where the unnoticed is a treasure worth noticing.

Through geometrical shapes and saturated colour scheme, the photographer chooses to observe the artistically unusual obscures that crafted his inspirations to exploring a visual complexity within its space. Mesmerised by a true nature of daily mundane, it unveils various perspectives that may redefine Singapore as a city with a character of its own.

This photographic zine is a take on and a reference to the previously published Urban Mess (2018) and Made Obscure (2018) that explore the hidden beauty of Bangkok within its cluttering mess.

Self-Published, 2019
Bangkok, Thailand

→ Shanghai Art Book Fair, 2019
→ Singapore Art Book Fair, 2019
→ Tokyo Art Book Fair, 2019