→ Little Yellow Spots

To question a widespread repute for tidiness and orderliness usually associated with Singapore, Thai photographer Wuthipol Ujathammarat finds himself startled by an excessive number of bicycles left scattered disorderly on its city streets.

His photographic publication ‘Little Yellow Spots’ captures unfamiliar streetscapes, carelessly dumped with dockless bicycles, as an urban art form that puts Singapore on a spot. The eerie perspective the photographer emphasises on floats beyond political or ideological affairs. It introduces an alternative impression of Singapore where the dockless two-wheelers are being observed as a form of artistic mundane. His unusual curiosity reflectively creates a foreign outlook that hands Singapore with a quirky aesthetic through urban tonality and untypical street clutters.

The physical bundle of work does not incorporate any literal descriptions. Instead the readers are required to scan a QR code to exclusively access additional contents about the work—much like how bike sharing works.

Published in 2019
Bangkok, Thailand

→ Singapore Art Book Fair, 2019
→ Tokyo Art Book Fair, 2019
→ Bangkok Art Book Fair, 2019